Relentless: A Renaissance Theology for the 21st Century Church

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Jesus said, 'I will build my church.' In the entire New Testament this is the ONLY THING He said He would build!

Relentless is a book that's passionate and inspirational about the Church. Relentless brings to life the glory, the majesty and the stunning beauty of the Church and reminds us of the impact it can and will have in the twenty-first century. 

Relentless is a practical book that helps readers grasp the true potential of the Church and see afresh its significance and influence on a world that has sought to ignore her. 

Relentless captures God's heart for His Church and renews our sense of value and worth as a people being prepared as the Bride of His Son. Relentless helps us to understand Jesus' intentions for His Church and provides a clear picture of the mandate upon those who lead His Church. Relentless about a fresh look at governance in the local church. 

Relentless inspires and communicates in a fresh expositional style that breathes new life into familiar scriptures and helps us see new possibilities. 

“Relentless puts the Bride of Christ on the catwalk and demonstrates just how drop dead gorgeous she really is!”

Brian Houston, Hillsong says, "Tom’s broad life-experiences, coupled with his service to the Church have given him a unique perspective and understanding. This is a courageous and honest assessment of the Church in a Biblical, historical and eternal context."

Craig Groeschel Senior Pastor of says, “Tom Rawls’ passion for the local church and all that it can accomplish is inspiring. This is a good book for anyone who needs reminding of the beauty, power and true mission of God’s church.”

Dr Scott Wilson President of, Founder of ICLM
“I have known Tom and Denise for many years, probably too many! Tom has a big heart for the church and this is reflected in his book “Relentless” The title more aptly describes Tom. He is relentless in his pursuit of vision and his passion for the church is all pervading. Relentless is a timely book about THE church but also about A church. Pastors, leaders, volunteers and any student of the church will enjoy the story of the church, but especially one church, on its journey of reshaping, change, and, ultimately, growth. Challenging, witty, engaging and provoking, a must read for all.”

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