Plain View by Tom Rawls

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Tom’s unique experiences gives us insights on how to reach a new generation who have never heard the name of Jesus. Intertwining solid theology, pop culture, historical insights and a passion to reach a dying world. This book won’t proffer simple solutions but it will help you discover your own answers for your culture, city and time. Jesus is in plain view we just need to reveal him.  – Dr Brendan Roach, President, Harvest Bible College, Melbourne,  Australia.

What is Plain View?

PLAIN VIEW is all about re-presenting Jesus Christ to a waiting world!

A world filled with people who have never touched a Bible, never read a Bible and have no touch point for Christianity?

What do we do with this clean canvas of deeply spiritual people? How do we paint the powerful picture of Jesus where there’s not even a Christian echo of what was?

PLAIN VIEW is about finding new touch points for communicating Christ in this complex 21st Century context.

PLAIN VIEW is about discovering triggers that nudge people towards genuine spiritual curiosity.

PLAIN VIEW looks at how to embrace and communicate a tough, resilient and durable theology that stands tall through the mud, blood and sweat of this brutal 21st Century.

PLAIN VIEW commissions our search for “secular prophets” – those whose words and actions trip the hard-wired human desire to engage with the divine.

PLAIN VIEW is for all those seeking to authentically and effectively engage with our modern word. It is an essential resource for 21st Century Christians leaders and communicators; an invaluable guide for all who earnestly desire to powerfully communicate Jesus; and provides a road map too for all those who wish to understand how we can successfully reach people in today’s culture context.



“ Something big, brash and shockingly spiritual is happening in the world around us and we need to stop and take a closer look.” – Tom Rawls